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The 35 Buddhas are known from the Sutra of the Three Heaps (Sanskrit: Triskandhadharmasutra), popular in Tibetan Buddhism. This Mahayana sutra actually describes a practice of purification by confession and making prostrations to these Buddhas.
In our life we have committed countless negative actions that we might be aware or unaware of. We have aspects of ourselves that we do not like and wish to change. Purification practices are excellent means to remove negative emotional burdens such as anger, jealousy, pride as well as to pacify the obstacles to our happiness and self-improvement created by the imprints of our destructive actions. By acting through confessions and prostrations to purify negative imprints and afflictions is very productive to our spiritual improvement. It helps us to change our bad habits and subdues obstacles to long life and success in our spiritual practice.

  1. The founder, Bhagawan, Tathagata, Arhat, Perfectly Completed Buddha, Glorius Conqueror Shakyamuni Buddha ~ Sponsored by Heng Kay Soon

  2. Thoroughly Destroying with Vajra Essence ( nying.po rab.tu

  3. Radiant Jewel (rin.chen o.tro)

  4. Lord of the Nagas ( King)

  5. Army of Heroes (

  6. Delighted Hero (pal.gye)

  7. Jewel Fire (

  8. Jewel Moonlight (rin.chen da o)

  9. Meaningful to See (tong.wa don.yo)

  10. Jewel Moon (rin.chen da.wa)

  11. Stainless One (

  12. Bestowed with Courage (pal.jin)

  13. Pure One (

  14. Bestowed with Purity (

  15. Water God (chu.lha)

  16. Deity of the Water God (chu lha lha)

  17. Glorious Goodness (pal.zang)

  18. Glorious Sandalwood (tsan.dan.pal)

  19. Infinite Splendour (zi.ji.ta.ya)

  20. Glorious Light (o.pal)

  21. Sorrowless Glory (nya.ngan

  22. Son of Non-craving ( kyi.bu)

  23. Glorious Flower (me.tog.pal)

  24. Pure Light Rays Clearly Knowing by Play ( o.zer nam.par

  25. Lotus light Rays Clearly knowing by Play  ( o.zer ngon.par

  26. Glorious Wealth (nor.pal) ~ Sponsored by Chong Ngian Thiam & family

  27. Glorious Mindfulness (

  28. Glorious Name is Widely Renowned (tsan.pal shin.tu yong.dag)

  29. King Holding the Victory Banner of Foremost Power (wang.po gyal.tsan gyi gyal.po)

  30. Glorious One Totally Subduing (shin.tu nam.par

  31. Utterly Victorious in Battle ( shin.tu nam.par gyal.wa) ~ Sponsored by Teh Chee Kong & family

  32. Glorious Transcendence Through Subduing (

  33. Glorious Manifestations Illuminating All ( nang.wa

  34. Jewel Lotus who Subdues All (rin.chen nam.par

  35. All-subduing Jewel Lotus, Arhat, Perfectly Completed Buddha, King of the Lord of the Mountains Firmly Seated on Jewel and Lotus (dra.chom sang.gya rin.po.che la rab.tu.zhug


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