The Buddhism was founded by Sakyamuni Buddha. Then the Dharma was propagated in the two directions: South and North.The Sutra Pitaka that was propagated in South was writen by Pali language, the Sutra Pitaka that was propagated in North was writen by Indian language. Then the Sutra Pitaka in Indian language was translated into Chinese language and Tibet language.

The Sutra Pitaka consists chiefly of instructive discourses delivered by the Buddha to both the Sangha and the laity on various occasions. A few discourses expounded by great disciples such as the Venerable Sariputra, Moggallana, and Ananda, are incorporated and are accorded as much veneration as the word of the Buddha himself, since they were approved by him

According to the Taisho Tripitaka, the Sutra Pitaka in Chinese language consists of ten volumes and the Sutra Pitaka in Pali language consists of five volumes.


1. Dighanikaya: consists of 34 Sutras

2. Majjhimanikaya: consists of 152 Sutras

3. Samyuttanikaya: consists of 2889 short Sutras

4. Anguttaranikaya: consists 11 chapters with 2308 Sutras

5. Khuddakanikaya: consists of 15 small book.


1. The Agama Pitaka

The Agamas are Chinese translations of the sutras or sermons in Sanskrit of the Buddha

Dirghagama – Digha-Nikaya  – The Long Agamas: Collection of Long iscourses. Number 1, 22 books, 30 Sutras.

– Madhya-agama – Majjhima Nikaya – The Midle Length Discourses in the Pali Canon—The middle Agama: Middle treatises on metaphysics. Number 26, 60 books, 222 Sutras

– Samyuktagama – Samyutta Nikaya  – The miscellaneous Agama: Miscellaneous treatises on abstract contemplation. Number 99, 50 books, 1362 short Sutras.

– Ekottaragama – Anguttara Nikaya  – The Numerical Agama: Numerical treatises subjects treated numerically. Number 125, 51 books, 471 Sutras.

– The Khuddaka Nikaya: consists of 15 sutras:

+ Khuddaka Patha

+ Dhammapada

+ Udana

+ Itivuttaka

+ Sutta Nipata

+ Vimana Vatthu

+ Peta Vatthu

+ Theragatha

+ Therigatha

+ Jataka

+ Niddesa

+ Patisambhidamagga

+ Apadana

+ Buddhavamsa

+ Cariya Pitaka

2.  The original Pitaka – Jataka Nikaya

Narratives of birth stories detail past (previous) lives of the Buddha and of his followers and foes.

– The Original Sutras consists of two books with 67 sutras, numbered from 152 to 219.

3. The Prajna Pitaka – Pana Nikaya – The Wisdom Pitaka

This Pitaka consists of four volumes.

– The Number 5, 6, 7 was translated by Master Huyền Tráng, consists of three volumes with 600 books. It is the Prajanparamita-sutra.

– The other is volume 8

4. The Lotus Pitaka – The Lotus Nikaya

The Lotus Pitaka consists of appromixately one volume.

This Pitaka includes:

– The Lotus Sutra. The most important Sutra is Saddharma-pundarika-Sutra – Wonderful Law Lotus Flower Sutra.

–  The other Sutras belongs to the Lotus Pitaka.

5. Avatamsaka Pitaka – The Flower Ornament Pitaka.

This Pitaka consists of over one volume.

This Pitaka includes:

– The Flower Ornament Sutra, full name is Buddha àvatamà sakamahàvaipulya-sùtra.

– The other Sutras belongs to the Flower Ornament Pitaka.

6. Ratna-ràsi Nikaya – The Jewelled-accumulation Pitaka.

This Pitaka consists of over one volume.

This Pitaka includes

– Maharatnakuta-sutra or Gem-heap Sutra.

– The other Sutras that belong to this Pitakas are:

+ The Sukha-vativyuha sutras, Amitayus Sutras

+ The Amitabha Sutra

+ The Sutra of Contemplation of Infinite Life

7. The Nirvana Pitaka – Nibbana Nikaya.

This Pitaka consists of appromixately one volume.

This Pitaka includes:


– The others that belong to this Pitaka are numbered from 376 to 396.

8. The Great Heap Pitaka – The Mahasamnipata Pitaka

This Pitaka consists of one volume.

The Great Heap Pitaka includes:

– The Mahàsamnipàta Sutra: number 397, 60 books.

– The others of this Pitaka are numbered from 398 to 424. The most important Sutra is the Earth-Store Bodhisattva’s Original Vows Sutra.

9. The Heap Pitaka :

This Pitaka consists of  four books.

The important sutras are:

– Saddharma-smràty-upasthàma-sùtra

– Sutras explains about Meditation, Vidarsana, samadhi.

– Bhaisaya-guru-vaiduryaprabhasapurvapranidhanavisesavistara

– Maitreyavyakarana Sutra

– Vimalakirtinirdesa-Sutra

– ten good rules Sutra

– Suvarna-prabhasa-uttamaraja Sutra, Golden Light Sutra

– Srimala Sutra

– Lankavatara Sutra

– Samdhinirmocana-Sutra

– The Sutra of Ullambana

– Sutra on the Eight Awakenings of Great People

– the Forty-Two Chapters Sutra

– The Virtuous man Sutra

– The Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment

– Surangama Sutra

10. The Esoteric Pitaka

– Vairocana Sutra

– Vajra-crown sutra


Source (Vietnamese): http://daitangkinhvietnam.org/

Translated to English by TTLL (Thanh Tịnh Lưu Ly)

Copyright © namo84000.wordpress.com


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